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Learning for Sustainable Futures - Pedagogical and Professional Development Scheme

Organisations: University of Gloucestershire, UK

Authors: Dr Alex Ryan, University of Gloucestershire, UK,
Prof Daniella Tilbury University of Gibraltar, Gibraltar
(prev. University of Gloucestershire, UK)


This example is taken from the UE4SD Leading Practice Publication, 2015.

The Learning for Sustainable Futures Scheme (LSF) at University of Gloucestershire provides tailored professional development in ESD for university staff to lead ESD innovation projects. Small grants are offered to staff to develop the curriculum or learning initiatives in ESD, with mentoring and expert advice to build their competences in ESD.

ESD Focus

LSF uses an ESD framework of core principles and pedagogical approaches aligned with the UN Decade of ESD. It aims at strategic academic change in ESD, across whole courses and into education support and staff training.

Professional Development Approach

LFSF provides staff with professional learning and curriculum development in ESD, through action projects connected to their work, supported by mentoring and exchanges with ESD experts and other colleagues.

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