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Curricula and Sustainability Working Group

Organisations: Conference of Chancellors of Spanish Universities (CRUE)

Authors: Anna M. Geli, Universitat de Girona
Mercè Junyent, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Aitxiber Zallo, Universidad del País Vasco,
Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea


This example is taken from the UE4SD Leading Practice Publication, 2015.

The Curricula and Sustainability Working Group of CADEP-CRUE comprises more than 15 Spanish Universities as a network supporting curriculum development processes and innovative teaching projects for sustainability skills development.

ESD Focus

The focus of ESD in fostering by CADEP-CRUE based on: (1) the learning of cross-cutting skills-building in the attitudinal, methodological and cognitive sphere; (2) critical contextualisation of knowledge; (3) participation in community, and (4) application of ethical principles –holism, complexity, glocalisation, mainstreaming and university social responsibility- in professional practice and personal life.

Professional Development Approach

The working group itself is a way of encouraging PD of their members as they promoted comparative and shared research in ESD. It provides a horizontal cooperation framework to build space for interaction, implementing interdisciplinary research, finding synergies, sharing resources, visions and actions. As a result they serve as a stimulus for the “sustainabilisation” of the curriculum.

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