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Green Academy - Programme for Organisational Change in ESD at UK universities

Organisations: Higher Education Academy

Authors: Prof Daniella Tilbury, University of Gibraltar
Dr Alex Ryan, University of Gloucestershire


This example is taken from the UE4SD Leading Practice Publication, 2015.

The Green Academy change programme is an initiative of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), the UK agency for teaching and learning development in Higher Education. Its aim is to support the development of ESD as an institutional priority, focusing on organizational change by developing staff capacity in ESD as well as change agency skills. Universities work together in teams to plan and implement change initiatives and collaborate together to support their learning and develop their professional capabilities in ESD.

ESD Focus

The Green Academy programme’s approach to ESD is aligned with UN DESD frameworks, promoting ESD as an institution-wide learning agenda for education organisations. Its focus is on team-based institution-wide change projects in ESD and is specifically geared towards ESD in the HE sector context.

Professional Development Approach

The approach of Green Academy is on professional development and also team development, to create institutional change in ESD. Its professional development process is informed by principles such as distributed leadership, change management, action learning sets and peer-to-peer learning.

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