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Thematic Learning Networks (Flanders, Belgium)

Organisations: Ecocampus (Flemish Government, Department of Environment, Nature and Energy) (Lead organisation)
Higher education institutions in Flanders and Brussels
External partners (mainly NGOs)

Authors: Sara Rymenams – University Colleges Leuven-Limburg, Belgium,
Wim Lambrechts – University Colleges Leuven-Limburg, Belgium


This example is taken from the UE4SD Leading Practice Publication, 2015.

The thematic learning networks (social work, teacher training, business studies) aim to bring together educators from various HEIs and create accessible opportunities for them to enhance their teaching practice in the field of ESD. The meetings are organised several times a year and are open for all educators of HEI's, experts, NGO's, etc.

ESD Focus

The learning networks (LN) refer to the key competences for ESD as described in the UNECE competence framework (2012). The methodologies used have a strong inter- and transdisciplinary focus and are based on problem- and project-based learning.

Professional Development Approach

During the meetings, the LN focus on:
• knowledge building/theoretical frameworks for sustainability in HE;
• methodologies to integrate ESD competences in the classroom;
• the possibility for the participants to network and to learn from each other by sharing their experiences, successes and problems.
Co-creation is one of the key factors of success of the LN: all participants (Ecocampus staff, external partners as well as the HE educators themselves) contribute to the development of output materials that can easily be used in (or adapted to) their own course practice.

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