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ELTT - Enabling Leadership for Transformational Teaching and Learning for Sustainable Development

Organisations: University of Zurich, Sustainability Team (Lead Organisation)
International Association of Universities
Global University Partnership for Environment and Sustainability
United Nations University – Institute for the Advanced Studies of Sustainability (RCE Service Centre)

Authors: Clemens Mader, Linde Griesshaber, Lorenz Hilty, Sustainability Team, University of Zurich


ELTT is a new professional training programme provided by the Sustainability Team of the University of Zurich (UZH) targeting university educators, to support capacity building for leadership in higher education for sustainable development (ESD). The programme combines webinars, peering experience and workshops to enable local impact and international exchange.

ESD Focus

ELTT contributes to the UNESCO Global Action Programme on ESD by building ESD capacities among educators, supporting the "whole of institution approach" as well as "advancing policy for the integration of ESD into education systems".

Professional Development Approach

ELTT professional Training programme has eight modules providing inputs through webinars and handouts. Workshops and peering across partnering institutions supports the exchange among practitioners. The whole programme takes one academic year.
ELTT will start in October 2015. For more information and pre-registration please contact us at info@sustainability.uzh.ch.
Programme manager: Dr. Clemens Mader

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