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RUCAS: Cross-regional ESD professional development for reorienting university curricula to address sustainability

Organisations: University of Crete, Greece (Lead Organisation)

Authors: Prof Vassilios Makrakis, University of Crete, Greece,
Associate Prof Nelly Kostoulas-Makrakis, University of Crete, Greece


This example is taken from the UE4SD Leading Practice Publication, 2015.

RUCAS: Reorient University Curricula to Address Sustainability, is a cooperation project that comprises 12 Universities and NGO’s, led by the University of Crete. As a result of this project, the RUCAS model has been used in preparing teaching staff for integrating ESD approaches into their practice as educators.

ESD Focus

ESD was perceived by RUCAS as a process, (not an end), context (reflecting the local/regional environment) and praxis (as a powerful force for change, through interdisciplinary teaching and learning, merging knowledge with action that can empower people and generate change).

Professional Development Approach

RUCAS provides staff with professional learning and curriculum development in ESD, through the use of a variety of pedagogical methods that promote active and participatory learning (group-work, critical self-reflection, and peer discussions on global real life topics) and employing alternative means of assessment (performance tasks, data gathering assignments, etc.)

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