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ESD as an induction framework for novice teachers

Organisations: Frederick Research Center, Frederick University (Lead organisation)
Cyprus Pedagogical Institute of Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, University of Kalsruhe, Germany and University of Alberta, Canada.

Authors: Chrysanthi Kadji-Beltran, Frederick Research Center Frederick University, Cyprus,
Aravella Zachariou, Frederick Research Center, Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, Cyprus
Costas Kadis, Fredrick Research Center/Frederick University, Cyprus


This example is taken from the UE4SD Leading Practice Publication, 2015.

The Induction is a training program for novice teachers, whose main objective is promoting ESD and achieving quality education. This program used a mentoring system in which fifty teachers have participated from the three academic institutions.

ESD Focus

The Induction Program is a flexible mentoring system as a mode of delivery of the training based on collaboration, collegiality, solidarity, reflection, critical thinking, values and action orientation as well as the change that ESD seeks to achieve in schools and society, within teacher education.

Professional Development Approach

University educators were involved as mentors. They have found that the project enhanced their teaching practice by means of the formation of professional communities of learning for peer interaction in the field of ESD, refreshing their knowledge and skills in the field.

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